Sunday, 1 May 2016

VMware Watchlist

In this Post we will see what is VMware Watchlist and network port requirements for watchlist to setup.

What is VMware Watchlist?

VMware watchlist enable you to access your vCenter servers and monitor VM infrastructure directly from your smartphone. Using watchlist you can perform VM power operation, take VM console and remediate basic issues.

How to Download?

VMware watchlist is available to download on Android and Apple, visit Appstore to download and install watchlist.

What are Network Port requirements for VMware Watchlist?

You need to enable below ports in firewall to allow connections to vCenter server from Mobile devices over internet/4G or from VPN.
vCenter server ports - 443, 9443 Watchlist uses web sockets to communicate with vCenter to provide an interactive console after the initial handshake on the following ports: vCenter 6 or newer: Port 9443 vCenter 5.5u2 to 6: Port 7343 vCenter 5.5: Port 7331  

How to configure and manager VMware watchlist?

Many Bloggers has already covered the use of watchlist and how to install and manage watchlist.
See below URLs for more information, so am not covering same information here.

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