Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Introduction to Virtualization

Virtualization means creating multiple instances of something by cloning original object or by partitioning the object. In terms of Computer Virtualization, we use Virtualization software to create multiple instance of Computers or Servers called as virtual machine.

Type of Virtualization

Bare Metal Virtualization

In this virtualization type we install specialized hypervisor software directly on Server Hardware and create virtual servers. Hypervisor creates virtualization layer on server hardware and it virtualize the hardware resources. These virtualized hardware resources are shared between multiple virtual machine.

E.g. VMware ESXi, Hyper-V these are few bare metal virtualization software’s.

Bare metal virtualization is also called Type 1 Virtualization. Bare metal virtualization performs better than Hosted virtualization as Bare metal virtualization directly access all hardware resources.

Hosted Virtualization

In Hosted environment, we Install virtualization software on another Operating System and then create virtual machine on the virtualization layer. In Hosted virtualization, all virtual hardware resources will have to pass through Host operating system.

E.g. VMware Workstation, Fusion, Virtual Box these are Hosted virtualization software’s.

We have to install VMware workstation on Windows or Linux System and then create virtual Machine.

This is also called Type 2 virtualization.

Many different types of virtualization technologies are available like Server Virtualization, Application virtualization, desktop virtualization, network virtualization…. etc. In this document we will be understanding VMware Server virtualization.

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