Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Add vCenter Appliance in Active Directory ( vCSA 6 )

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Let’s see how to add vCSA in Active Directory domain.

1. Login to vCenter using web client with Administrator@vsphere.local account.

e.g. https://vlab-vc01/vsphere-client

2. From the Home page Click on Administration

3. Click on System Configuration.

4. Click on vCenter server name

5. Click on Manage –> Click on Active Directory from Settings menu

6. Click on Join, Enter domain name and Domain Admin username/password to add vCenter appliance in Active directory domain. Then Click on OK.


Monitor Join Activity directory task in recent task menu.

Note - To avoid issues make sure you have entered correct DNS IP address in vcsa network settings, enter correct domain name, username/password.

7. Once task gets Successfully completed, Go back to System Configuration menu.

8. Select vCenter server and Click the Green+Red Refresh Icon to restart vCenter Appliance.

or you can access VM console from Web Client and restart vCenter VM.


Note - if you restart vCenter server then all web client user sessions will get disconnected and you will not be able to manage VMs until vCenter comes online. There will not be any issues with other VMs, all VMs will keep running.

9. If you get Pop window for confirmation, Click Ok.

10. Wait for vCenter VM to complete boot process and start vCenter services.You can login to ESXi Host where vCenter VM was running and access VM console to monitor boot process.

Wait…Once vCenter comes online, if you try to access web client, you may get below error.

503 Service Unavailable (Failed to connect to endpoint: [N7Vmacore4Http16LocalServiceSpecE:0x7f5823752dc0] _serverNamespace = /vsphere-client _isRedirect = false _port = 9090)

It means web client service is not yet initialized . it took me 5 min to get web client page after vCenter was restarted, however if vCenter server comes online,l you can quickly login using native vSphere client.

11. Verify vCSA Joined to Domain - Now login to vCenter using web client with Administrator@vsphere.local account

12. Go to Administration –> Click on System Configuration –> Click on vCenter Instance. 

13. Then from Manage Tab –> Click on Settings –> Click on Active directory

There you can see the domain name to which you have joined your system.


if you want to remove vCenter from Domain, you can click on leave button.

What’s Next - Add Active Directory as Identity Source

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