Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Provide vCenter permissions to Domain Users

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Make sure you have added vCenter server in Domain and Added Active Directory as identity source in SSO to proceed with providing permissions. If not Please complete previous task first.

1. Login to vCenter using web client and with Administrator@vsphere.local username/password.

2. Go to Home of web client –> select vCenter Instance –> then Click on Manage Tab.

3. Click on Permission Tab –> Click on + Green icon to provide permission to users.


4. Select the Role which you want to provide to new Users. In this case I have provided Administrator role. You can also create custom roles and permissions for users.

5. Click on Add Button in Add Permission pop up window

Select domain from which you want to add users.

You can search user or group name from search Box.

Select users/group and click on Add


6. Click OK to close Select Users/Groups Window.

As per your requirements you check or uncheck Propagate to Children Check box.

In this case I want to propagate permission to all child objects.

7. Click ok to close Add permission process.

8. Now with this, we have provided permission to Windows Users,

Open new browser and open web client to login vCenter server.

Enter your domain Username as domain-name\user-name and enter password to login to web client.



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