Wednesday, 1 November 2017

vSAN ESXi Host upgrade issues

Part 3 - vSAN ESXi Host upgrade issues

vSAN Host stuck during boot
If your esxi host reboots it gets stuck during boot process with below message.
VSAN: Successfully Initialized: xxxxx-disk group id-xxxxx-xxxx
This is expected behavior. At this stage of the reboot, the ESXi host (vSAN) processes all log entries to generate all required metadata tables.
The time taken to complete this task will depend on the load and the number of log blocks in the write buffer before the host was rebooted.
This step may take up to 2/4 hours to complete so just wait for it get finished.

ESXi Hosts Disks are missing after upgrade

Make sure ESXi Hosts can see all the disks and ESXi is contributing storage to vSAN Datastore.
You must install right driver of raid controller so that ESXi can see the storage disks.
If use OEM ESXi image, it will have the required drivers for your system.

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