Monday, 30 October 2017

How to Upgrade vSAN ESXi Hosts

ESXi hosts participating in VSAN Cluster can be upgrading using Update manager or using ESXCLI as you would do any other ESXi host upgrade. However, VSAN Cluster need special attention before you plan upgrade.

You need to be more careful while upgrading ESXi Hosts and make sure you have supported Hardware Raid Controller, you install supported firmware/drivers, supported disk firmware…etc.
If you are not sure about anything do not procced with upgrade and Create a Support request with Vmware Support Team.

You can perform vSAN health check using vSAN health plugin and RVC console.
With new version of vSphere, Vmware has integrated update manager with vSAN. Based on your vSAN configuration, update manager creates patch baseline and assign it to vSAN cluster.

Do the upgrade precheck before upgrading each vSAN ESXi host. You can do the precheck using web client and also using RVC.

I have divided upgrade process in four parts. see the step by step process to do the vSAN cluster ESXi hosts upgrade.

How to Upgrade vSAN ESXi Hosts

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